Dr. Kefauver is currently a Research Professor (11/2018 to present) at the University of Barcelona Department B.E.E.C.A. Plant Physiology Section Integrative Crop Ecophysiology Group supported by National and International Projects as PI and with Prof. Jose Luis Araus as well as a “Professor Asociat” of the University of Barcelona in Plant Physiology. Image analysis and ecophysiology expert and UAV pilot for remote sensing data capture and processing, including PC and mobile app software development. Dr. Kefauver is currently PI of international projects funded CIMMYT, Syngenta España, the University of Montpelier, and the FAO. Within the Integrative Crop Ecophysiology Group, Dr. Kefauver is the current lead on satellite, UAV and proximal image analysis, UAV piloting and plant ecophysiology expert covering remote sensing and high throughput field data capture and processing, including in-house PC, cloud-based and mobile phone app software development.


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