Spanish National Projects:
“Fenotipeado de precision a gran escala en trigo duro: bases fisiologicas y herramientas de selección.” Investigador Principal José Luís Araus Ortega. (Universitat de Barcelona). “ADVANCED AND HIGH THROUGHPUT PRECISION PHENOTYPING IN DURUM WHEAT: PHYSIOLOGICAL BASIS AND TOOLS FOR SELECTION”


It is of strategic importance for Mediterranean agriculture to develop new varieties of durum wheat with greater production potential, together with a better adaptation to adverse environmental conditions and better quality of grain. While durum wheat has benefited as other cereals of the Green Revolution, genetic progress in recent decades has
been less evident, partly masked by Climate Change, and the underlying mechanisms are not well known. While a better Phenotyping will help in the current improvement, a deeper understanding of plant responses to a wide range of Mediterranean conditions will contribute to a long-term design of genotypes best suited in terms of production and
quality. In fact, these aspects are among the current limitations that prevent accelerating the improvement of crops. For this purpose it is necessary to provide the current breeding programs with selection criteria and precise high-throughout methodologies of Phenotyping in the field. So this project has two main objectives: one of basic research and other looking for more finalistic measures.

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