Scientific Document Editing

Acknowledgements in internationally-renown, peer-reviewed scientific publications:

ACT: A leaf BRDF model taking into account the azimuthal anisotropy of monocotyledonous leaf surface 

Alexis Comar, Frédéric Baret, Gaël Obein, Lionel Simonot, Daniel Meneveaux, Françoise Viénot, Benoit de Solana

Published in Remote Sensing of Environment

We would like to thank Bernard Noël, Jean Christophe Ribes and all
the personnel of the Muséum d’Histoire Naturelle greenhouse who
kindly helped us to use their facility in order to allow us to perform
our study. Many thanks as well to Gwenaelle Barillet who grew the
wheat plants; to Oulfa Belhadj-Khlaifi who helped us acquire MEB pictures;
to Andrew Ratner and Shawn Carlisle Kefauver who corrected
the English of this manuscript. This study was also partly supported by
the Programme National de Teledetection Spatiale as well as by
Arvalis-Institut du Végétal through the funding of Alexis Comar PhD



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