University of Barcelona Plant Physiology!

As of October 2014, I have taken up a new position as a Postdoctoral researcher at the University of Barcelona in the Plant Physiology Unit of the Plant Biology Department! Here is my new lab website:

My research  will now be with Professor Josep Lluis Araus on the development of drone-based multispectral, thermal, and RGB airborne sensor technologies for agricultural research, with a specific focus on phenotyping wheat, maize and other crops for improved yield and resilience to climate change.

The position also includes a lecturing requirement in applied plant physiology, which I will teach in a combination of Catalan and English.

In the first few months since I joined the UB, I have also  been funded  as the principal investigator on the CIMMYT-funded research project “HTPPs and open-source image processing tools for maize foliar disease assessments” in collaboration with the Kenyan Agricultural Research Institute.


A PhD student in the group and I have also been awarded an award from the Goetz Instrument Program from PANanalytical and ASDi, which includes the use of a ASD Field Spec Pro, including shipping and presentation expenses, for our upcoming wheat phenotyping research this coming summer!



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