University of Barcelona Plant Physiology!

As of October 2014, I have taken up a new position as a Postdoctoral researcher at the University of Barcelona in the Plant Physiology Unit of the Plant Biology Department! Here is my new lab website:

My research  will now be with Professor Josep Lluis Araus on the development of drone-based multispectral, thermal, and RGB airborne sensor technologies for agricultural research, with a specific focus on phenotyping wheat, maize and other crops for improved yield and resilience to climate change.

The position also includes a lecturing requirement in applied plant physiology, which I will teach in a combination of Catalan and English.

In the first few months since I joined the UB, I have also  been funded  as the principal investigator on the CIMMYT-funded research project “HTPPs and open-source image processing tools for maize foliar disease assessments” in collaboration with the Kenyan Agricultural Research Institute.


A PhD student in the group and I have also been awarded an award from the Goetz Instrument Program from PANanalytical and ASDi, which includes the use of a ASD Field Spec Pro, including shipping and presentation expenses, for our upcoming wheat phenotyping research this coming summer!




Published by doctorxkefauver

Dr. Kefauver’s current research and teaching interests are plant eco-physiology, climate change, and plant stress applied to Mediterranean crops and natural environments, including thermal remote sensing, imaging spectroscopy and GIS applications for multi-scale scientific research on these topics.

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